You've come this far, which means at least two things: 
1) You want to focus on learning more about our version of "Alternative Investing". 
2) You're focused on progress, and you're thirsty for knowledge. 

We're going to show you how to leverage your time and thirst for progress by using Focus Fuel Projects. 

Focus Fuel Projects help fuel your interests.  Before we assign one to you, It might be necessary to shift your perspective on two widely-held ideas.  

The result of this shift? Progress.

Completing any Focus Fuel Project requires three things: a perspective change, flexibility, and desire. 

For a perspective change, think about The first widely-held idea: money should be obtained. 

Our view:  Money is not something to accept as an end, but something to FUEL future experiences.  

You're thinking, "Woah! Are you saying we shouldn't try to earn money??!" 

An idea of this revolutionary magnitude requires some explanation...

Money fuels your life: it provides you with shelter, heat, clothing, and food. It keeps you comfortable! 

Those elements give you energy make progress happen.

People with the a LOT money understand that money is not the end result.
What is it? It gives them fuel for experiences and memories for themselves and their friends/family/community. 

Simply, money helps progress happen

The second widely-held idea: you should avoid work.  
Again, this might seem revolutionary - most people loath their day jobs, and that is seriously depressing. 
You can see it on their painful, blank faces. 

Our view: Instead of seeking or avoiding work,  understand the purpose of work
If you find yourself waiting for the work day to be over, what are you truly living for?

This is an existential question, one that many people do not want to ask or answer themselves. 
The work you do should have a purpose - a vision that makes it worth doing. 
Finding that purpose requires fierce focus

Leveraging the Academy of Fierce Focus requires fundamentally understanding and believing a truth: 
Money is not to be obtained, but to be used to obtain.
For that reason, our mission is: 

To this end, we're designing a program for our members to achieve this focus and make this this mission real for themselves through our own special blend of alternative investing strategies. 
Want more Focus Fuel while those strategies are being finalized? 
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